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Timeshare Mortgage Relief

Eliminate timeshare mortage debt.

Get money back that you've already invested.

Legally break your timeshare contract.

Get a down payment refund.

Protect your consumer rights and fight back.

Get out in as little as 30 days.

Settle for as little as 10% of your debt.

Average clients cancel $31,591.00 in timeshare mortgage debt.

Average clients save $1,214.00 per year in maintenance fees.

About Timeshare Mortgage Relief

Our attorneys will evaluate your case for free and quote a flat fee to handle your case.

If you do not have a mortgage balance, we can offer you a "Guaranteed Transfer Program."

Over 15 years of experience...

Our company is comprised of some of the top legal experts in the timeshare, real estate, contract law and finance industries. Our experts include former timeshare management executives and consumer advocates.

We have helped numorous timeshare owners settle their timeshare mortgage obligations for pennies on the dollar and free themselves from costly mortgage payments and maintenance fees.

100% of our cases are handled by licensed attorneys.

Our legal team is headed by a well known consumer rights attorney with years of experience working with consumers defrauded by timeshare companies.

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Thanks Again.

"Dear Martin, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to you, Timeshare Mortgage Relief LLC and to the attorney assigned to my case. All of you acted very expeditiously in addressing my concerns and handling the issues. The relief your actions provided removed a great burden off me both financially and emotionally. Most importantly, my wife and I were ecstatic to receive word from the timeshare company to remove us from any further financial obligation. Again, thank all of you for your effective efforts in bringing this matter to a satisfactory conclusion."

- Thomas Walsh
Vero Beach, FL

I'm free of my timeshare!

"I had a timeshare that I couldn't afford to keep, and even worse, I couldn't afford to sell it either. Timeshare Mortgage Relief's lawyers and staff were very helpful, and very knowledgeable as to my options. So now I'm free of my timeshare debt, and my credit score wasn't effected. Thanks alot!"

- Steven J. Damron
Las Vegas, NV

Thank You Timshare Mortgage Relief

"Thanks for helping my family get out of our Wyndham Resort timeshare. After the economy got really bad I lost my job and we couldn't afford to keep it. That $18,000 mortgage would have really hurt us even worse. I hope now we can start to get caught up again."

Much Thanks,
Rick Roma

They canceled my entire timeshare mortage debt.

"When I first found you on Google I was kind of skeptical about whether you could actually get me out of my timeshare mortgage. The $4,000 I spent was more than worth it to be cleared of a unwanted $31,000 debt. I don't usually back out of deals but the salesman at the resort really lied to me. Thank You very much Timeshare Mortgage Relief!"

- Jim Welch
Madison, Wisconsin

Great Service

"Thank you Martin for helping me get free of my timeshare contract. I will recommend your service anytime."

- Darrel Stafford
Las Vegas, NV
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